About “When fear comes home to Love”

(The four books presented on this blog ( see “Books”  in the right menu) are in the process of  being self-published on Create Space and Kindle, and  I will put all the color-illustrations up here for readers to see.) It looks like When Fear will be out in June-July-13

We live in a world with a rapidly growing culture of violence, abuse, crime and terror, and mental illness is increasing with alarming rapidity. The purpose of this book is to provide a way of thinking and perceiving that may end our attachment to separation, and that nourishes a deep human need of knowing how to safely relate to the mind’s darkness. It is to give the reader a deep trust in his/her own True Nature to provide the only answer to inner and outer darkness: changeless Love.

Reading this book, you may: 1) Understand how the collective mind and subconscious are ruled by archetypes of fear and control. You will learn how you can relate to these archetypes with a loving perception which transforms and reduces fear and mental/emotional illness. 2)Learn effective and creative ways to be with and relate to inner demons and traumatic memories – through creativity and play, and spiritual approaches, like Buddhism and A Course in Miracles. You will learn ways to deal with shock and dissociation from rape and abuse, and you will witness the author’s process of how to gradually wake up from the identity of tortured victim to being able to perceive oneself as the loving space who embraces all. When fear comes home to Love

► Shows examples of how the author and her students use art and play as modalities to successfully meet and transform deep pain and trauma, and teaches you to do the same ► Provides examples of communication with Love/God,

► Provides a radical view of forgiveness

► Provides numerous examples of Love’s sense of humor and synchronicities throughout a journey that frequently goes through dark landscapes

► Demonstrates that within the fiercest dragon there is a princess who asks for our help ► Builds confidence in our mind’s connection with God/our essential Nature, and our ability to choose Love over fear – even in the darkest scariest moments.

► Provides examples of spiritual lessons, and observes the red undestroyable thread of Love and meaningfulness in the web of our lives.

About leelah saachi

Supervisor Expressive Arts Therapy/Artist/painter/dancer/writer/poet/ teacher and student of A Course in Miracles
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