How the Crazy-wise stories are made:

This is how the Crazy-wise are made:

1) I first make a painting – well, I just allow the brush to go for 1 minute or less. Then I find characters within the painting – outline them and give them names ( and eyes and mouths:-) I then allow a story to come forth, involving all the characters. And – it has to be short!

As my intention always is healing and waking up, that is what the stories are about. I love to see the red thread in them: I have no written 55 – and since nothing is planned, this process is a wonderful example of how the divine uses creativity and silliness to allow me to see the Love that is always there.

55 Whirling

“Aunt Alice Aunt Alice, tell us a story!”

“One upon a time there was a dervish. Oh, could he swirl! He swirled, and the entire world around him was sucked into the vortex of his dance. Lonnegan, Tod, Miss Cruikshank, Guiltbirdie, Mr.Knowitall and Spunky- there they go! And Lilac, standing in the silent center of the storm, witnessed in divine rapture.

A butterfly detached itself from the neck of Mrs.Crue and started singing: “I want a sandwich with chocolate-spread…and it’s better be now, before I’m dead” – and in the same moment, sandwiches  from breakfast-tables all over the world started to whirl around them. The Dervish slowly swirled into stillness. Spunky, Mr.Knowitall and Guiltbirdie had spun together into a strange new being! It was covered with butter, talked incessantly about different branches of cocoa-beans and the excellence of New-Guinean cocoa beans compared to Bolivian, it talked about all the poor children who never could afford chocolate at all, and then it bit Aunt Alice in the nose, spread its chocolate wings in the sun and melted.

Aunt Alice wiggled her nose, picked up another strange creature standing next to Lilac and smiled. This melted art had butterflies all over it – but they were all so sticky with chocolate that they could not fly. Tiny Tod, who before had clung to Mrs.Crue, loosened his grip, reached for a chocolate butterfly and fell backwards. He started to smile as he noticed a little propeller at his back, took off – and up up  he went -higher and higher – right into all that sunshine.

Aunt Alice smiled, sat her blueness down and treated Lilac and herself with Madeleine-cookies and ginger tea. The air was crisp, the sky was blue, what more can you possibly want?


About leelah saachi

Supervisor Expressive Arts Therapy/Artist/painter/dancer/writer/poet/ teacher and student of A Course in Miracles
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