At 67 years old,Leelah Saachi still works as a supervisor for Expressive Arts Therapists and healers – and has her private practice as therapist/healer/supervisor/spiritual teacher. She has trained and been initiated into various Mystery traditions. Educated as an artist and teacher in arts,  she has for more than 40 years  taught and given workshops/seminars in creativity and spirituality: for inst. Creative Writing, Dream and creativity, Drama and puppetry, Dance as transformation and Sacred Drama. She feels at home in the ancient tradition where art and healing is one, and holds that this moment – this NOW – is a sacred container where Love can use creative expression as a tool for healing of the soul and mind.





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  1. Patti Clark says:

    Hi Leelah, Yes indeed – we do have much in common!
    Did you have a chance to visit my work site:
    I look forward to reading your posts.

  2. Leelah – thank you for visiting my *echoes from emptiness* blog and leaving your *likes*! I look forward to reading your material here…
    Are you in New Zealand?

  3. Fascinating blog. Keep up the work for love and healing:-). All the best!

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