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Thank you for wanting to look at these books.Please go to Categories and click on the title you want to read more aboutCrazy Wise Stories: From the Sacred Fool tradition

Healing Crisis: 108 ways to turn crises into possibilitiesPaperback:

Leaving the womb: entering life fully. A Course in Miracles blogHere is a link to my blog – still not in book-form:

When fear comes home to Love: The healing gifts of art,play and forgivenessOn Kindle : look inside/buy here:

You find much material on this work when you click on the title in the book-category in the right menu. Short description:

In 1992 Leelah, artist and therapist, is painting a numinous image of a tree with several inhabitants, as part of her education and spiritual process. She discovers that the figures in the Tree represent archetypal, collective aspects in the human mind, of fear, violence, abusive dominance and control. She realizes that she is living The Image – exploring its landscape through her own life. The Image is the cover of this book.

She enters a deep spiritual process, where she is guided by Divinity – «Blue» -portrayed in The Image as a wise and humorous blue animal. Through encounters with the dark figures within The Tree, she discovers how the dark forces and belief-systems in the human mind are created, and also what is needed to transform them and see the hidden needs and cry for love behind the brutal and dark form of “evil.”

Humoristic and meaningful «coincidences» – synchronicities – occur frequently in L’s life, illuminating the themes L and her patients are living and exploring. Dialogs with Divinity/ Blue meander through the book, which is illustrated with images made by L and her patients from their spiritual exploration – process.

Paperback  and Kindle edition soon


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