Welcome to Awakening to Love

What is Love?

The love that is changeless, eternal,radiant, including everything

Not the special love relationship that includes you and your partner/child/parent – and set it off from others –

The Love that I talk about  belongs to no religion, no sect, but is revealed through a deep process unfolding as I discover and let go of all the obstacles I/we have set up between me and Truth. These obstacles are gradually seen as illusions. Love is what is hidden behind/beyond each fear I meet without judgment or resistance.
And in some exquisite moments I know that I am this Love -and that it is all that is. The “Leelah” disappears in it.

This  gradual dissolving of false identity is what I call awakening to Love.


This blog is dedicated to presentation of four of my books. I have self-published two of them: presentation in the right menu. The process described above is apparent in all of them. They are all about healing through the arts and non-dualism as described in A Course in Miracles. I will put descriptions of the books up here, (under categories) and write about what’s inside them.

You are welcome to comment and ask questions ( which may or may not be answered) – as long as the atmosphere is friendly,  clearly kind and respectful.

This is just the first hello.

Warm welcome

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